What is it really like at a high-end psychedelic retreat?

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Psychedelics are fundamentally changing the way that neuroscientists view the brain, can they help lead the way in the quest to find the basis of self-consciousness?

Synthesised by Alexander Shulgin, famous chemist and psychonaut, this substance has a unique profile of psychedelic-like effects.

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New research has revealed how psychedelics could make people more resilient to the stresses of lockdowns

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A recent study has investigated how the therapeutic use of psychedelics may reduce symptoms of trauma from childhood abuse.

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A recent paper has highlighted how psychedelic therapy should move forward in the wake of previous sexual abuse cases.

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Less than half of psychologists surveyed agreed that psychedelics showed promise in the treatment of serious mental health issues.

Psilocybe semilanceata (aka liberty cap) — one of the most ubiquitous and potent psychedelic fungi. Retrieved from Wikimedia Commons

The psychedelic drugs market is set to nearly double in the next five years.

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Evan Lewis-Healey

PhD student at Cambridge University. Studying the cognitive neuroscience of altered states of consciousness | Writer for Psychedelic Spotlight

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