What is it really like at a high-end psychedelic retreat?

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I’ve spent the last two-and-a-half years diving deep into the world of psychedelics. During my master’s degree I spent much of my time writing about the antidepressant effects of psilocybin, which led me to where I am now: disseminating current research in the field.

However, despite a fervent fascination with these substances, all of my previous psychedelic use had been purely recreational — I had never taken an ego-shattering dose in a suitable set and setting. …

Psychedelics are fundamentally changing the way that neuroscientists view the brain, can they help lead the way in the quest to find the basis of self-consciousness?

In September of 1848, a group of construction workers were tamping down blasting powder with 3cm thick iron rods when an accident sent a rod through the skull of the foreman, Phineas Gage. The rod entered the roof of his mouth and exited through his frontal lobe with immense force.

Thirty minutes after the incident a physician arrived to the victim calmly sitting in a chair, fully conscious, with a gaping hole in his head. Gage calmly told the physician, while covered in blood, “Here is business enough for you.” Gage lived until 1860, another 12 years.

Extraordinary mental changes…

Dr. Grace Blest-Hopley gives some of her time to talk about a new research initiative to treat traumatic brain injury with psychedelics.

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The Heroic Hearts Project is spearheading a new psilocybin research program this fall, aiming to treat veterans suffering from traumatic brain injury (TBI) with psychedelics.

Starting in October, the non-profit organization is going to work with psilocybin retreat centers in the Netherlands and Jamaica so veterans suffering from psychological distress may participate and benefit from psychedelic ceremonies. Psychedelic Spotlight spoke to Dr. …

A recent study paves the way for increased scalability of psychedelic medicine, which is typically costly and time-intensive.

A Psychedelic Researcher from Imperial College London — taken by Thomas Angus

A recent psilocybin study has found that psychedelic psychotherapy may provide mental relief for long term AIDS survivors. The study shows that a new group of people — AIDS survivors with a variety of mental health issues — may benefit from psychedelic therapy.

However, the study also utilized a new application of psychedelic therapy in modern clinical science. This application may solve one of the main issues that is plaguing the field of psychedelics, and further the development of psychedelic medicine.

Small Samples are a Big Problem


New research finds that intravenous ketamine remains an effective treatment during the pandemic.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has, undoubtedly, changed the way we live in this world. It has not only impacted global physical health, but social isolation and perpetual disconnection have exacerbated the mental health crisis. It now seems more vital than ever to explore and apply groundbreaking ways to improve and treat mental health.

A new study has sought to do just this, finding that ketamine remains an effective treatment for individuals with depression, when applied during the coronavirus pandemic. …

Researchers continue to explore the anti-inflammatory nature of psychedelics, which, in small doses, may alleviate asthma symptoms.

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Eleusis Therapeutics has found a potential novel application for psychedelic substances: treating asthma.

The research comes off the back of over a decade’s worth of work investigating the therapeutic potential of psychedelics, such as LSD, psilocybin, and ayahuasca, to treat mental health issues. But a recent effort by Eleusis and their partners has uncovered small doses may help those suffering from the common respiratory condition.

Psychedelics as Anti-Inflammatory Agents

Psychedelics are structurally similar to serotonin, a neurotransmitter found in the body that is implicated in a variety…

Here are a list of courses that may lead you on the path to professionally facilitating psychedelic experiences.

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Psychedelic therapy is becoming a useful weapon in the fight against burgeoning global mental illness, which means it’s becoming a very viable career path.

Recent evidence has positioned psilocybin as at least as effective as market antidepressants in treating depression, and evidence is mounting that psychedelics may be fruitful in the treatment of addiction.

There are many positions in the field of psychedelic medicine. Psychologists and neuroscientists work together to uncover what’s going on in the mind. However, another integral character in…

The results paves the way for psychedelic research to incorporate more machine learning techniques.

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New research has applied machine learning to predict the outcomes of psychedelic experiences to treat addiction.

The study, published in The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, found that the machine learning algorithm could significantly predict whether a participant was able to quit or reduce their substance use, purely based on the written report of the psychedelic experience.

Psychedelics for Substance Abuse

This research, led by David Cox and colleagues from Johns Hopkins University, comes off the back of evidence that psychedelic substances may be used to treat addiction…

Will taking psychedelics turn you into a liberal hippie?

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“Turn on, tune in, and drop out.” Timothy Leary, the psychologist-turned-psychedelics-advocate spoke these words to 30,000 hippies gathered in Golden Gate Park in 1967. The now-iconic phrase became the motto of the counterculture movement of the 1960s and ‘70s.

The movement represented an anti-establishment, New Left way of thinking, and psychedelics such as LSD became entangled with this belief system. Were these substances responsible for such an extreme political alignment? Do psychedelics really have the power to shift political beliefs?

Psychedelics Open Minds

The last decade has seen an explosion of interest into psychedelics…

New research into psychedelics may help scientists better understand the phenomenon

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Seeing a tunnel of light, feelings of inner peace, and out-of-body experiences. When people seemingly cross the threshold into another world and survive, they often come back with tales like these. The elusive near-death experience has puzzled scientists for decades now. Why do these experiences occur, and why are they so remarkably similar across cultures?

As modern science continues to embrace the study of the ineffable, researchers are discovering that psychedelic substances may be key in understanding exactly what is going on during the near death experience.

What are Near-Death Experiences?

Much like…

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